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Hidden Curiosities Gin - Perfect Serve

Once again, we would like to thank you all for the past year. For us it was a year in which we learned a lot about gin and could find our place in this gin-world. What are we doing to celebrate this? Well, we will work even harder and bring even better gins.

Today we do that by telling a little bit more about the tastes of the Hidden Curiosities Gin.

Honestly, this gin is high in our list. A while ago that we enjoyed tasting a gin so much. Both neat and in a gin-tonic, this gin is a real gem. What a great gin you made, Jenny! Thank you very much for introducing us to your product. In the future we will keep following and support you wherever we can. Keep up the great work!

Let's continue to our tasting notes:

N: A gentle scent meets you when you smell this beautiful gin for the first time. Juniper is present, but I also smell the floral notes of the violets. Lavender compliments the smell of violets a little more. Citrus follows on from the floral and at the end there is something surprisingly spicy coming into the nose. peppers or cardamom?

P: In the palette, the floral taste of violets comes to the foreground. This floral taste is assisted by citrus notes. Besides the floral, spicy notes also emerge. I am sure that there were different kinds of pepper used in the gin, but the pink pepper jumps out for me. Cardamom provides some extra heat.

F: The finish of this gin is medium. Although the palette of flavours was mainly floral and soft, I notice a little more spice in the aftertaste. What a great way to finish.

S: For the gin we recommend a BTW tonic. As a garnish, we opt for something that brings out a bit more spicy notes. We choose green cardamom or pink pepper. BTW tonic is an exceptional tonic in which pure quinine has been used. By using pure quinine, the tonic gets this copper/gold color. On our website there will soon be a special about this tonic. The tonic is soft, despite the raw taste you get from the quinine. This tonic lets the Hidden Curiosities gin come through very nicely. For us a top combination. For our Belgian followers who are interested in this tonic. You can buy them via the Licious Drinks website. A bit more expensive, but worth trying.

To conclude, I would like to thank Jenny again for the info about her gin. A gin you just need to try!



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